I live with a small zoo including the gerbils, hamsters, dog, cats and pony.

The "man of my life" aka Linus was born on 11th July 2006. He is a Rhodesian Ridgeback male and you can read more about him from his own site:

C.I.B.*, FI CH, EE CH, NO CH, EE JW-07 Bawabu Zuberi Zuhri
* pending


My cats have their own site called KOLLIPOJAT. Luukas and Launo are pure homecats
and "Lenni" EC Siriuksen Exotic Åbelix is a showcat which I co-own with
Raija Kalliomäki.

I have some gerbils mainly to entertain the cats as they are really fun to look at through the glass. Some gerbil babies might also be for sale every now and then. The Roborovski hamsters moved inside in  June 2004 and they even might breed if they decide to do so.

Ponys are also very close to my heart. The Welsh pony breeding has always been very important to me and if I only had more time I would spend it at my friend´s Goldencoast-stud. My longlasting dream would be a Welsh Cob mare of my own..

And ofcourse I have my own pony... a 35 year old Shetland pony mare Hammarshus Jane. Jane is living just down the road with the family Heinonen and their Finnish horse and goat. Jane has won II class prize  from 2005 and 2006 placed in class  5. / 8. ja 7. / 20 at the age over 30. ;)


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