Im Marika from Pori, Finland and Ive been working with animals almost my
whole life and been involved with various animal activities. At the moment Im
studying as a show judge trainee for the Finnish Rabbit Association and I attend
to graduate as a show judge (sooner or later).

I got my rabbitry name in the beginning of 2002. My aim is to breed healthy and
nice show and pet rabbits to meet the standard (according to the origin) as well as possible in the colours of isabella and isabella butterfly. Occasionally might pop out
some other colours such as Self Blues, Torts and Tort Butterflyes. It would also
be very nice to see my breeding in shows as well.

I have a relatively small rabbitry due to the concept I have; more quality and less quantity. All the rabbits I use in my breeding program are or will be in the
future (hope so anyway) registered and have an adult show record.

Baby bunnies leave with the left ear tattoo, pedigree and care instructions.

Marika Koivunen


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